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The Philosophy of Independent Living

The Independent Living Philosophy espouses living like everyone else - being able to have control of one's own life, having opportunities to make decisions that affect one's life and being able to pursue activities of one's own choosing, regardless of disability.

The essence of Independent Living is the freedom to make decisions about your own life and to participate fully in your community

- John Evans

1989, Independent Living Conference, London

The independent living movement has been an important part of the broader movement for disability rights. It's ethos is on the premise that people with disabilities, including the most severe disabilities, should have the choice of living in their own homes and participating in their community. The provision of personal assistance services are vital in facilitating an individual to manage his or her personal care, to keep a home, to have a job, go to school and otherwise participate in the life of the community.

The cornerstone of Independent Living Philosophy is...control and choice...Systems advocacy is of ultimate importance because some choices for disabled people still need to be created.

- Cassie Holdsworth

2000, Vision Statement, Birmingham

The independent living movement also advocates that all buildings, streets etc are fully accessible by removing architectural and transport barriers that prevent people with disabilities from sharing fully in all aspects of our society. So as to support full accessibility for people with disabilities in Galway City & County, Galway Centre for Independent Living offers an Access Consultancy Service and an Accessible Transport Service.

Our Mission Statement

“Prior to getting a Personal Assistant from Galway Centre for Independent Living I was unable to shop, attend mass or go swimming. The Personal Assistant service Galway Centre for Independent Living provides now enables me to live independently.”

Josephine Gibbons, Leader with Galway Centre for Independent Living