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Educational Support Assistant

GCIL Educational Support Assistant

Galway Centre for Independent Living provides an Educational Support Assistant Service to people with disabilities in Galway City and County.
This assistance is given at the direction and discretion of the Service User (Leader), to ensure that they can engage in educational activities which further enhances independent living and facilitates the individual applying self-determination and control over their own life. The role of the Educational Support Assistant is personalised to the requirements of the individual Leader and may include:

  • Attending lectures and assisting with note taking,
  • Assisting with projects,
  • Navigating around campus
  • Personal care assistance e.g. lunches, hygiene
  • Research assistance

Galway Centre for Independent Living is the employer of the Educational Support Assistant, but the Leader takes on the role of their day-to-day line manager. This means that the Leader will take on the direct supervision and on-the-job training of the Personal Assistant to ensure that their requirements are met. All Leaders who receive a service from GCIL will be offered full training in this role. Galway Centre for Independent Living, in their role as employer, will ensure that:

  • There is a robust, transparent recruitment process in which the Leader is fully involved.
  • All checks on the Personal Assistant are carried out i.e. references, garda clearance.
  • All staff receive required training
  • A full induction training programme is undertaken.
  • Employers PRSI, Insurance, Sick Pay and statutory Holiday Pay are covered.
    Educational Support Assistants have ongoing supervision as part of regular Person Centred Plan reviews which identify any additional training and personal development requirements.
  • GCIL will liaise and work in partnership with the Disability Officer, where relevant, in the Leader’s educational facility.
    Educational Support Assistants services can be funded privately by the individual, or family member.
    Department of Education

Education Support Funding may be available through Third Level Education Institutions. The application for this funding must be made directly with the Third Level Institution.

Want to find out more?

For details and a free Consultation please contact the Service Coordinator, Galway Centre for Independent Living on 091 773910 or use our online contact form.

“Prior to getting a Personal Assistant from Galway Centre for Independent Living I was unable to shop, attend mass or go swimming. The Personal Assistant service Galway Centre for Independent Living provides now enables me to live independently.”

Josephine Gibbons, Leader with Galway Centre for Independent Living